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  Frequently Asked Questions ...

What is your photography style?
  Our 'style' is a combination of a few different styles. A large portion of our photos are a photojournalistic style in that we capture the couple, along with their friends and family members, interacting and celebrating. This effectively captures the mood and emotions of the day's events. We feel that the traditional photography style still has its place though. Though it may not seem important at the time, often the formal photos of family are still valued, especially as years go by. Many couples regret not including traditionally posed family photos during their wedding day. We do both to offer you the most rewarding product possible.

If we had to define our style it would be illustrative photography. We think in terms of design elements by placing our subjects in settings of interesting composition and backgrounds along with good use of lighting - which is a key trait in wedding photography. We provide direction, and the couple - along with their bridal party - is encouraged to interact. This yields a more spontaneous feel.

Unlike a photojournalistic style, illustrative photography is said to bring out more of a wedding photographer's artistic, creative and compositional skills rather than simply capturing a series of moments. Unlike a traditional style, illustrative photography offers more flexibility and spontaneity by not having every photograph staged. It is, in our opinion, the best of all worlds and allows us to capture of the 'life' and 'feeling' of an event as effectively as possible.

Where are you located?
  We are based in Knightdale but travel to locations all around the Raleigh/Duram area, including the coast.

How many years experience do you have?
  Iíve had a lifelong interest in photography and have been shooting professionally for the past three years.

Where can I find pricing on your wedding photography packages?
  Our website lists all of our current packages and rates listed. (link)

Can I customize the wedding packages to meet my budget?
  You bet. We understand that everyone has different needs and we will do our best to work with you to achieve what you're looking for. If you want to receive a quote for a custom package, feel free to contact us (link).

Can I get a quote for a custom package over the phone?
  To avoid any miscommunication, we strongly prefer to send you a written quotation for custom packages. This quotation can be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed to you. We would be happy to discuss details of the written quotation in person, via telephone, or via e-mail. Revisions can be made any time based on your changing requirements or budget.

Are all fees and charges disclosed prior to the wedding (i.e. mileage or service fees, or overage charges)?
  Yes, all charges will be in writing contained within the contract.

What methods of payment do you accept?
  We accept cash, personal checks, PayPal payments, as well as all major credit cards processed through PayPal.

How far in advance should I book?
  It is always best to book your event as early as possible to ensure availability. This is especially true in peak seasons. However, we are able to accept bookings with relatively short notice, provided our schedule allows.

Who will be the wedding photographer for my wedding day?
  Unless previously agreed upon in writing, Aaron will be your photographer. We find it is most beneficial if the person who meets with you and understands your needs, shoots your event.

Should I make a list of my desired photos for the wedding photographer?
  You're welcome to. We recommend you bring your shot list, or at least be prepared to share your brainstormed ideas at our preliminary meeting.

What kind of equipment do you use?
  Feel free to check out some of the equipment we shoot with on our About page (link).

How old is your equipment?
  All of our equipment is less than two years old. Much of it has been purchased in the last nine months.

Will you conduct a pre-wedding inspection of the site?
  If possible, yes. If not, we make a point to show up early to evaluate the venue prior to beginning photography. We bring equipment necessary for all situations to each event as a precaution.

How early will the photographer arrive on the wedding day?
  If we are familiar with the venue, usually 10 to 20 minutes before the scheduled arrival time. If you event is located in a venue we are unfamiliar with, we try to arrive at least a half hour before the scheduled arrival time.

Are you prepared to bring additional lighting equipment for dimly lit locations or special situations?
  We carry numerous, versatile, battery powered flashes to each event to accommodate your needs in most all lighting situations.

Are there any back-up plans for mechanical malfunctions or unforeseen problems that may occur on the wedding day?
  While we cannot account for everything, we do take every reasonable precaution. We bring at least two complete lighting and camera setups to each event to allow us unhindered coverage.

Can you photograph in the church without using a flash?
  Yes. We've invested in lenses well suited for low light situations. If the use of a flash is prohibited, it is highly recommended that the venue be well lit and ceremony preformed during daylight hours. This will still allow us to offer you high quality photographs without the use of flash photography.

How many pictures will you take?
  It is important to focus on the quality of photos not necessarily the quantity. We will tend to shoot several exposures of every part of your wedding. This redundancy allows us a backup should a person not be looking in the right direction or be blinking. These little hiccups can ruin a shot and are seldom identified until long after your event is over.
Though thousands of exposures may be taken, normally 300 - 600 photos are processed and submitted to our clients as final images. This figure can vary dramatically depending on the length of the event, number of attendees, and location size.

Can you provide Black and White or other creatively colored images?
  We shoot all images in full color. Alterations can be made to any photographs using software to create variations including, black and white, sepia tone, custom tinted, and selectively colored photographs. We include a variety of these alterations on photos that are well suited to these variations.

What is your attitude at wedding events?
  We show up on time, appropriately dressed, with our equipment prepared and ready for your event. We promise to treat you as we would want to be treated if you were photographing our wedding.

Do we have to sign a contract?
  For our protection as well as yours, we do require a signed contract before photographing your event. Our contract will be a summary of everything we've agreed upon in writing.

What is your deposit policy?
  We require a 50% deposit along with a signed contract to secure your event date. The remaining 50% is due when your event photos are ready. Keep in mind that most photographers require 100% of their fee to be paid prior to the event date. We believe that final payment should only be required once you have received all of your photos.

What is required to book the date?
  A signed contract and 50% deposit is required to secure your chosen date.

Should we meet in person prior to our wedding?
  Absolutely! Before contracts are signed and deposits are paid, we prefer to have the opportunity to meet with you and your future spouse to understand your needs and expectations. We want to be sure we are the right people for you, before anything is finalized.

What kind of clothing do you wear to the wedding?
  We wear clothes that are suited for the occasion so that we blend in with the guests, yet do not limit us while we are trying to work.

Do you mind if people other than you take photographs during the wedding?
  We welcome friends and family to take pictures at your wedding so long as it does not interfere with our job. We do ask that photographs not be taken while we are taking formal pictures. It can be difficult to get all participants of the photographs to look at only our cameras if others are also taking pictures. We also ask that guests respect the rules of the venue when it comes to any restrictions of camera locations or the use of flash photography during your event.

Can we have a CD with proofs?
  We will provide you with all the original, full resolution, digital photographs as well as any variations we've created on a CD-ROM.

Can my friends and family view images of my event on the internet?
  Yes. This option is included with many of our wedding packages.

How long will we wait until we can see our photos?
  Normally you'll have all your digital photographs within 2 weeks of the event date. If you require prints, additional time will be required for the lab to complete them. This additional time varies depending on the type of prints ordered but is usually no more than an additional week.

Do you offer engagement photography?
  Yes. This option is included with many of our wedding packages.

Who keeps the wedding negatives and copyright?
  We shoot all digital so our negatives would actually be the pictures on CD-ROM but the bottom line is YOU DO! There are some restrictions to this in the contract but the short of it is that you, your family, and your friends are all welcome to copy, e-mail, and print your photographs at any time. They are your photographs of your event that you paid for.

Please check any restrictions your venue may have. Sometimes a venue will require you to use their in-house photographer. If this is the case, we may not be welcome to shoot your wedding. It is your responsibility to identify any such restrictions!


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