Behind the Lens


Baby Photos

Life is simply a miracle. It goes by in an instant. Capture the essence of baby, before the wonder years set in. Gauger Photography strives for an inviting and relaxed experience, allowing your baby to shine.

Children's Photos

Bicycles, skinned knees, soccer games, and dance recitals! Capture all the exciting moments. Gauger Photography shoots on location for all your child's life moments!

Family Portraits

Aunt Betty, Uncle George, and the family dog Chuck! Whether it is a ten-year family reunion, or a portrait of all your pets, Gauger Photography will capture your family at its best!

Senior Portraits

Senior fever, CATCH IT! Gauger Photography provides artistic and contemporary senior portraiture. Professionally capture your gratuate's unique and youthful expression before they're off to explore the world. We provide innovative and creative settings both in-studio and at some fantastic outdoor locations. We can also shoot at locations of your choosing.


Capture that "once in a lifetime" day the way you dreamed it as a little girl. Forget the lost caterers, the late flower delivery, and the leaky tents. Gauger Photography will capture your special day the way you will always want to remember it.

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